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Is PSL superior to IPL?

The Pakistani version will have fewer teams because if anything can be learnt from IPL, it is that too much of something is never good. IPL has always had more than eight teams and by the time the tournament is about to end, most people tend to forget as to what happened a month back in the initial matches.

Thankfully, PSL will only have five teams — Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore — and players are selected on the basis of their talent, not on the basis of their residence.

Unlike IPL, PSL comprise of just 24 matches, with each team playing the other twice. Therefore, the event will end in less than a month, making it simple, yet effective.

However, many fans of the game will be disappointed to know that a play-off will decide which team gets to play the final instead of the age-old semi-final format. The losing side of the first play-off will still have a go at a place in the final, thanks to the IPL-inspired format.


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